Barrett's Tree Service Working

We provide many types of trimming & pruning services. This includes pruning trees for health & safety while also keeping in mind aesthetics. We also remove / cutback trees from buildings, roofs, power lines, or to enhance your view / satellite reception.

We can create a plan for whatever your pruning / trimming needs maybe. Whether it is to control the overall size/ shape of the tree, thinning out the tree for more light/ better airflow (crown thinning), removal of dead / diseased limbs, removal of rubbing/ interfering limbs, crown raising, etc…

We also have extensive experience in trimming Cedars, Bushes/ Shrubs & Hedges. Whether you prefer a neat/ trim look or want it kept natural looking, let us bring it back under control. We will take off as much as possible without damaging the hedge while keeping the screening from the street & your neighbor's yard.

Call today to arrange for our friendly & knowledgeable staff to come to your property and provide you with a free onsite evaluation and estimate.