Ensure a long life for your trees with tree fertilization from Barrett's Tree Service in South Burlington, VT.


Is it time to feed your trees? Trees that are not in the forest do not receive the decompostion of leaves and other matter that provide natural nutrients. Thus, it is important to feed your trees. We provide a deep root fertilizer which delivers water and nutrients directly to the roots. This service also helps with aeration, allowing air to better penetrate the soil.

We also offer other options for trees that are in distress, such as micro-injection. Our team at Barrett's Tree Service drills a small hole in the base of the tree and inserts a capsule. These nutrients are then absorbed into the vascular system of the tree. We have different capsules available depending on the level of distress. This includes trees with limited root growth due to landscaping, trees in an area of construction where the soil has been compacted due to large / heavy machinery etc..

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